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There is no doubt that boudoir photography is now extremely popular, and many portrait photographers have introduced boudoir work into their repertoire. Thankfully ladies are no longer permitting the society we live in (and the magazines we read) to influence how we feel about our bodies. Interestingly, boudoir clients fall into the 35 to 58 year old age bracket, a reflection of the wonderful confidence women attain as they mature. And what better way to celebrate this than via a personalised photography session involving your favourite lingerie?

As a portrait photographer who works strictly on location, all of my shoots take place at my clients’ homes or at a place which is important to them. This means that every shoot I undertake is like no other, and is entirely tailored and personalised to each individual, so no two sets of photographs will ever be the same. My clients don’t want the confines of a studio, where every pose and every lighting pattern will be pretty much the same for everyone who passes through those doors. Instead, my clients want to have some fun during their session, and they want to see a range of images which will provide special memories for years to come. Many ladies purchase boudoir albums for themselves, simply for their own enjoyment. However albums are often created as special presents for the significant person in the customer’s life – there is no doubt that the effort and love invested in something like this will have special meaning for the recipient. It’s no surprise that such products make for popular Valentines gifts.

There are different styles of boudoir photography, from the overtly sexy (involving nudity) to lingerie and beauty shots. I have nothing at all against photographing ladies wearing no clothes, providing the client understands that such imagery will be very tasteful with a fine art feel. Mostly however, my boudoir photography follows the lines of modern portraiture with a fun element, and lingerie can range from the traditional bra and panties to a client’s favourite nightdresses, negligees, to corsets and high heels which always look wonderful.

Clients sometimes worry that a home environment will prove a bit too challenging, and that the photographer may not be able to create good images, particularly with the sort of poor light we often experience here in the UK during the colder months. However a good location photographer will be able to overcome most of the difficulties that modern or period homes might throw at us.  For me, setting up large studio lights isn’t really the way I work – I like to move around the house at an efficient pace so that we can gain a broad range of images for the client, because the end result of my boudoir sessions is likely to be an album or an exclusive ‘print box’. For this reason my preference is to work with speedlights and reflectors. Clients are very welcome to have a friend along for company during the shoot, and friends are also very useful as reflector-holders and human light stands!

All our boudoir clients need to do is set aside about three sets of their favourite lingerie, with accessories such as jewellery and necklaces, and to put together a pile of favourite throws and cushions, and we’ll do the rest. Prior to each shoot we’ll give you plenty of hints and tips on how to prepare.

Our clients pay a simple reservation fee to secure their session, with no other charges for the many hours we spend editing and retouching the images to a high standard (this is quite important when photography takes place in a normal domestic environment, quite often everyday objects such as light switches need to be removed from the pictures) followed by a personal viewing session and product consultation, and ultimately the design of the album. Album design is something that we take very seriously, and it’s really important that the images in an album flow seamlessly to tell the story of the client’s session, this means that each double page spread must complement the other spreads in the book. We offer a range of beautiful albums perfect for boudoir imagery, a popular classic is a simple black Jorgensen 9 inch or 12 inch matted (overlay) album, presenting between 20 and 40 photographs, or else our bespoke range of Seldex Australia matted albums with their amazing range of cover options. Please see our Products Category, via the top menu bar.

We also offer a beautiful range of printed albums (where the photographs are printed directly to stiff album pages containing bonded photographic substrate, with covers ranging from brushed metals to funky acrylics) and we are delighted to offer a fine art album by Folio, where the photographs are printed using traditional fine art pigments to fine art rag.  Your shoot includes a relaxed product consultation where you can see and feel our product range.

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