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A Need for Variety | Photographing Animals

A Need for Variety | Photographing Animals I’m a great believer in photographing a variety of different genres. This helps to keep our eyes and minds fresh and receptive to new concepts and ideas, and of course new challenges. Even though I’m a portrait photographer I try to photograph pretty much anything, whenever the opportunity […]

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Olympus Magazine Featured Photographer July 2013

As many of you know I have turned almost exclusively to Micro 4/3 cameras and lenses for both my professional portraiture and also from my personal photography. But I don’t just create portraits of people, I have a separate area of the website just for animal portraiture and wildlife imagery. If you happen to subscribe […]

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Wildlife Photography Surrey | European Eagle Owl

The European Eagle Owl was once fairly common in Britain. However, as is all too common, the birds became extinct in the wild thanks to human persecution. However this wonderful bird has started to reappear in parts of the UK. Eagle Owls are absolutely enormous, you really have to see one in the flesh to […]

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Red Squirrel | Monochrome

As a portrait photographer I enjoy creating portraits of all living things, not just human beings. The animal world is so diverse and so fascinating that I find such photography utterly compelling. Precisely for that reason I also have a separate pet and animal photography area to the website, which can be accessed via the […]

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Grey Squirrels | Garden Visitors Who Can Dig

Just recently my grey squirrels have been making a real mess of my back lawn. They’ve been digging into the grass and pulling out what I can only describe as “under grass”. I’m pretty sure this is for the purpose of nest building, and they seem to be nesting much later than in previous years. […]

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