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The Value of Professional Photography

the value of professional photography Over the years, I’ve talked quite a lot about ways to set our price and value, and there have been further articles here on the blog explaining why photography is not a fixed price commodity. The value of professional photography remains much misunderstood not only by the public, but by […]

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Full Frame v Micro Four Thirds II

Full Frame v Micro Four Thirds As some of you will know last week I set out some of the reasons why I have turned to a compact mirrorless system for the vast bulk of my professional work, and why I feel that “for what I do” there is rarely any advantage to carrying around […]

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Micro Four Thirds vs Full Frame | The Arguments Continue

Micro Four Thirds vs Full Frame The Micro Four Thirds vs Full Frame argument is becoming a real cliche and is being discussed (and argued) to death on photography forums throughout the world. Elsewhere here on the blog I’ve stated my opinions about the usefulness of the latest generation of mirrorless camera systems, and as a […]

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When Not to Allow Blog Comments

I think there has been a sea change in the world of Internet communication (perhaps even social communication) in the last couple of years. I can look back at the photography forums which I have been active in for perhaps five years or more, and when I look at the same forum now it can […]

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Photographing Friends and Family

Photographing Friends and Family | You’re Invited …. Bring Your Camera There will be times in our lives when family, friends or acquaintances might be getting married, holding christenings, or celebrating anniversaries and family gatherings. Yet the very subject of photographing friends and family often causes photographers, both professional or amateur, to grind their teeth […]

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