Matted Albums {Contemporary Portrait Photography Surrey}

When most people think of albums, they imagine the photographs placed behind mats (sometimes called “overlays”), where the picture lies beneath a mount and is seen through a cut window. There’s also a tendency to think of these albums as being quite traditional, but that largely depends on the manufacturer and the materials chosen by the client or photographer – our albums are a far cry from the gold leaf borders and stuffy covers you might have seen in the past. There are countless suppliers of albums, from the low end to the very finest bespoke custom made albums. I pride myself on only supplying the very best products to my clients, but not everyone wants to spend all of their budget on one of our bespoke albums. Consequently I offer a simple but beautiful entry level matted album which is ideal for smaller sessions (such as one individual, baby, or pet). Our entry level matted albums are made by the exclusive Jorgensen Australia, and are hand assembled in the UK and feature wet process silver halide prints.

Our entry-level album is 9 inches square (a 12 inch version is available on request) and is bound in high quality black sumeira vinyl, with black or white overlays. We can bring this album to you at an exceptional price because the cover and mat choices are limited to simple configuations – matted albums are often very costly because the process of cutting, hand mounting and matting the images to each page is skilled and time-consuming. By reducing the complexity and the number of images, the design and production time is less than with our bespoke albums.

Please refer to our products category to see more of our albums. We also offer bespoke matted albums and beautiful digital albums, as well as Folio fine art albums.



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