Olympus Magazine Featured Photographer July 2013

As many of you know I have turned almost exclusively to Micro 4/3 cameras and lenses for both my professional portraiture and also from my personal photography. But I don’t just create portraits of people, I have a separate area of the website just for animal portraiture and wildlife imagery. If you happen to subscribe to or follow this blog then your notifications won’t include the work I put on the pet and animal area – this has its own follow tab, so please feel free to subscribe to that as well if you’d like to.

This month I’ve had a lot of fun talking to Olympus UK about how I use the OMD EM5 to photograph nature, pets and wildlife. I think the system is very well suited to this kind of work, most notably because the autofocus is very fast and accurate, the frame rate is high, and of course the image quality is exceptionally good. And let’s not forget the excellent lenses. Importantly for me at least, I can carry an entire complement of kit in one small bag without feeling weighed down. This can make an enormous difference to your energy levels throughout the day and the state you’re in when you arrive home.

If you’d like to read the interview please click on the link in this Blog post over on our animal photography area: Olympus Magazine Featured Photographer July 2013

EDIT: having received a second accusatory e-mail from a reader there appears to be a misguided assumption that in order to be featured in this magazine I must be sponsored by or affiliated with Olympus or Panasonic. This is a little confusing, but for the record I buy my equipment at my local camera store just like everybody else – I am not given it, nor do I receive discounts or privileges from Olympus (but to be frank, it’s about time I did, for services rendered). Therefore the information I freely share on my Blogs (on my own considerable time and overhead) is and will remain my personal unbiased view. I was approached by the publishers of the Olympus Magazine three weeks ago and asked if I would talk about my nature and wildlife photography, and how I use the OMD in the field. One of the reasons I was asked is because I came very close to giving up my photography career entirely due to severe RSI and arthritis, and the small size and light weight of Micro 4/3 equipment has enabled me to carry on, which made for an interesting storyline. I have already written numerous articles on this subject in the past for my blog. Incidentally I have a bag full of top-of-the-line Canon DSLRs and L lenses, and I’m not sponsored by Canon either. Where is the rolling eyes smilie when you need it …… and lastly I will say that the more prominent you become the more haters you will acquire, which makes me doubly thankful for the many readers who have become my friends over the years.

Olympus Magazine July 2013 Lindsay Dobson Interview


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  • Mag D - July 13, 2013 - 2:40 pm

    Your photos are so ‘real’ I feel they could come to life any moment. Write-up is also terrific, actually a mine of information for novices like me. Great work, thank you.

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