Photography Post Production Training Courses Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire

Photography Post Production Training Courses Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire

Photography Post Production Training Courses Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire

Taking great photos is one thing, but without top-notch processing skills our pictures can often fall flat. Hands up if you’ve ever gone to the trouble of baking a delicious cake, then realising you have no clue how to expertly ice or decorate it. Photography is exactly the same – our pictures will look so much better with the right finishing touches.  In the old days an experienced professional printing laboratory would work their magic on our films. These days, professional digital processing labs can do the same – but for a price. Why not learn to process your images like the pros?  Our processing training will help you do precisely that, using the industry standard which is Adobe Lightroom.

Our post production courses are for:

  • our post production one to one training is perfectly suited to hobbyists and intermediate to advanced amateurs
  • if you know a keen photographer eager to get started with post processing, or keen to improve on their current level, then our training can be a fantastic present

You’ll learn:

  • how to import photographs into Lightroom from your capture cards
  • how the Lightroom Import module works and how to access your photos
  • how to beautifully enhance your images in both colour and black and white
  • why the histogram is so important
  • natural and creative processing
  • how cropping can make a big difference to your composition
  • how to export your finished photographs to the right folders on your hard drive

You’ll need the following:

  • a laptop (if you have one – it’s not essential) with Adobe Lightroom installed (a recent version will be best)
  • before your session please try to ensure your screen is calibrated if possible – there’s plenty of information on Google
  • last but not least, you’ll need to bring some of your photos to work on. Please bring around 20 photographs as unprocessed RAW files. We encourage our students to learn to shoot in RAW format, however if you prefer to shoot in JPEG bring those (with no processing applied). Ensure the pictures are at their full capture resolution with no cropping or adjustments

Book your Postproduction training:

To arrange your training simply telephone us for a chat about your needs on 01903-741691. If we’re out please leave a message and we’ll get back to you. Do note that we’re based just outside of Storrington in West Sussex and our training takes place here.


This is classroom-based at our home office in Storrington, and includes approximately three and a half hours of tailored tuition. Current price £185.


“I had the pleasure of a one-to-one Lightroom tutorial with Lindsay last week which has totally transformed my photography workflow. I take photographs for pleasure and it is a hobby I have been developing over the years, but like a lot of people my images remain stored “somewhere” on my computer. Lindsay listened to my concerns and the issues I was having, she then put together a session tailored exactly to my needs. I now feel empowered to organise my library in a structured way and develop my own pre-sets with ease. I couldn’t recommend Lindsay highly enough and will definitely be booking another session to tackle some other areas I feel she can assist with my development in photography. Thank you Lindsay”   Clare, Surrey.



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