Photography Training Courses Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire

Photography Training Courses Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire

As I know only too well from my years in the industry, photography is rather like learning to play golf, or becoming an accomplished musician. The best results come with plenty of practice, learning the technicalities, and dedicated tuition. There’s no doubt that good quality training can immeasurably fast-track our personal development. If you’re a complete beginner needing a helping hand with the basics then we can set you on your way. If you’re a keen amateur wanting to take your work to the next level then we can help you fill in the gaps and refine your existing knowledge base.

About Lindsay

I’m a qualified Fellow of both the British Institute of Professional Photography and The Societies – a Fellowship is the highest distinction a photographer can achieve, and is held by only a handful of photographers worldwide. I’m an active mentor, seminar speaker, and trainer. I’ve won many industry awards and my work is regularly featured in the leading photographic press. I’m a full-time professional portrait photographer and animal photographer.  In my spare time I’m also a keen travel and street photographer – please see my Personal work section.  My aim is to inspire and motivate photographers so that their photography is both enjoyable and personally rewarding. For that reason, my training is relaxed yet entirely geared to the pace of the trainee.

Our photography and post production courses:





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