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Portrait Photographer West SussexMy name is Lindsay Dobson and I’m a professional portrait photographer based near the village of Storrington in West Sussex, England. I am a Fellow of the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) and I’m also a Fellow of The Societies (the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers). Fellowship is often referred to as the photographer’s K2, and is a distinction held by only a handful of photographers worldwide. As an experienced photography trainer and mentor, I also lecture and speak at events such as The Photography Show, The Societies Convention, as well as undertaking workshops with Olympus, for whom I am a brand ambassador. I’ve won many industry awards over the years including Environmental Portrait Photographer of the year and Pet Photographer of the Year. Please visit our Press page to see some of my published work and magazine features.

Prior to settling in West Sussex I’ve lived a varied and perhaps even hectic life – throughout my upbringing I’ve lived all over the world including countries such as Cyprus, Aden, Germany, and Northern Ireland.  I undertook my postgraduate work in California (and I still dream about all of the amazing places I want to visit). My life has been about change and adaptation, and I’m sure that’s why I love the constant stimulation of portrait photography on location, where no two assignments and no two clients are ever alike. I studied Combined Sciences at the University of Brighton in the early 1990s, graduating with a First Class degree in biology and biochemistry. Whilst I found my academic studies fascinating and rewarding, I constantly craved a creative outlet. Over the years I started to lay the foundations of my photography career and I’ve been a professional photographer since 2006.

There are many kinds of photographers and there are almost as many different types of portrait photographer. There are studio portrait photographers and there are also “lifestyle” or “environmental” portrait photographers. I am in the latter camp – my work takes place in varied environments ranging from my clients’ homes and gardens, to beaches, fields, towns, or woods – in fact anywhere that makes for an interesting or attractive backdrop. I tell stories with my photographs, capturing natural spontaneous moments as well as more controlled images. Homes don’t need to be posh in order to be suitable for the photography I specialise in, or we could simply arrange to meet at your favourite place providing it’s suitable for photography – or preferably both. I don’t just photograph people, please visit our area dedicated to furry and feathered subjects: Animal and Pet Photography West Sussex.

My photographic style is simple, clean, modern and meticulous. You won’t see gimmicks, sickly filters, or gilt edging on my albums.  Nor will I ask you (nor indeed will I want you) to smile for the camera in every shot, or adopt stiff traditional poses. Instead I’ll guide you, and we’ll work together to create images you’ll love. Not everybody enjoys having their photograph taken, but I hope that my relaxed style and unobtrusive manner will help the process to be as enjoyable as possible.

Here are some of the lovely things our clients have said: Location Portrait Photography Sussex and Surrey

Before every session we’ll discuss your photography and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our service as well as asking any questions you might have, as well as tips to help you prepare. Under the Information tab above you’ll find more about our services, our products and how we work. Call me on 01903-741691 for an informal chat about your photography.

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