Woodland Photowalk Sheffield Park East Sussex

Woodland Photowalk Sheffield Park East Sussex

The best locations will always be those which offer variety and stimulation. Woods are no different, but it does depend on the time of year and how well that particular woodland is managed. Here in southern England we have a profusion of bluebells at the moment together with some very colourful flowering shrubs such as rhododendrons. The latter can be spectacular and we saw those in abundance recently at Sheffield Park. This is a perfect woodland environment as there’s colour all year round. The light is also going to differ depending on the time of year. In early Spring through to late Summer the middle hours will be fairly flat and it’s certainly true that autumn provides a more pleasing environment if you’re going to be out and about in the middle of the day.

When documenting any walk you’ll be better able to tell the story of your excursion if you record wide scenes from every angle as well as smaller vignettes and details such as flowers and leaves. Any standard wide to tele zoom lens will be ideal for this kind of thing (such as the kit lens which may have come with your camera) likewise a classic 35mm or 55 mm field of view. I had my Sony 18-105 f4 G lens mounted on my a6300 for this particular walk – this makes for a lightweight and well-balanced combination ideal for travel photography.

As with most things in life, it’s the company which makes the passing of a walk so enjoyable. And I certainly wasn’t lacking great company – plus it’s surprising how far you can walk when you’re relaxing and chatting. Sheffield Park offers some beautiful lakeside and woodland walks – it’s much more interesting than Wakehurst Place. Wakehurst has gone down hill terribly in recent years, no thanks to their policy of charging National Trust members an extortionate £10 parking fee on top of already hefty membership subscriptions. And I have to say the staff at Wakehurst aren’t particularly friendly either these days. There is also Nymans Gardens which is very pleasant. And if you do visit Sheffield Park gardens don’t forget Sheffield Park station which is nearby – this is fascinating and it’s been exquisitely preserved to represent a bygone age of steam locomotion.

Woodland Photowalk Sheffield Park East SussexWoodland Photowalk Sheffield Park East Sussex

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