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Pet Cat Photography Brighton

Pet Cat Photography Brighton Pet photography can mean different things to different people. I think most of us probably equate pet photography with dogs. Cats are just as popular as domestic pets, if not more so, and it’s always fun when a cat owner approaches us. Having

Pet Portrait Photography West Sussex, Hi Key Cat Photography

Cats can be immensely challenging subjects to photograph – mostly because they don’t respond to spoken commands, preferring to do their own thing. This may amount to settling in for a snooze, or perhaps the opposite kind of behaviour – a boisterous playfulness

Cat Photography West Sussex – Cat, at Home

Well, my home to be precise. This is a very cute and much loved little visitor, but she’s a dynamo of energy so getting some shots of her is always a challenge. Shooting indoors usually means that the light isn’t all that great, this isn’t a problem if your

Cat Photography West Sussex, a Feline Visitor

As someone who routinely undertakes pet photography, cat photography is often the most challenging. Cats are self ruling and rarely respond to instructions or prompts in the way that an obedient dog might. So where cats are concerned, it’s a question of trying to guide

Cat {Fine Art Pet Photographer Surrey}

We consider ourselves very lucky indeed to encounter the special pets and animals which appear on this site. Some of them are challenging to photograph; they may be completely wild, housed behind wire fencing or glass, and we’re at the mercy of the environment. But more

{Cat Photographer West Sussex} … Some Company While I Work

I’m pretty lucky to live in the countryside, West Sussex is green, full of trees, and packed with wildlife and other small visitors who come into the garden each day. At this time of year it’s nice to leave the door open and enjoy some fresh air throughout the house

Birdwatching …. {Pet Photographer Worthing}

Last Friday, I sat in my garden for the first time in weeks. Every bush, feeder and tree teemed with life. I watched families of sparrows, finches, thrushes, nuthatches, doves and woodpeckers. Then I realised somebody else was watching them too – I had a little furry

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