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Dog Photography Brighton East Sussex Standard Dachshund

Dog Photography Brighton East Sussex Standard Dachshund I recently had the pleasure of meeting a seven-month-old Standard Dachshund. These dogs are much larger than the very small Dachshunds we might be more familiar with. They’re powerful and they can move very quickly indeed.

Fine Art Location Dog Photography Brighton East Sussex

Fine Art Location Dog Photography Brighton East Sussex Photographing this beautiful Pointer and her brother was such a pleasure – young dogs like these are very boisterous and hugely entertaining. Pet photo shoots are certainly challenging at times but that’s usually

Dog Photography Brighton | German Shorthair Pointers

Dog Photography Brighton | German Shorthair Pointers: I photographed these two beautiful 10 month old Pointers back in the summer and this particular photo shoot reminded me of how important good communication is. And I don’t necessarily mean between photographer and

Dog Photographer West Sussex Creative Pet Photography on Location

Dog Photographer West Sussex Creative Pet Photography on Location Location pet photography is always going to be a different ballgame to studio photography. A ‘location’ of some description is chosen because it provides important visual clues to how our subjects

Fine Art Dog Photographer Brighton, East Sussex

I love it when I encounter clients who value photography so much that they will commission a special fine art study of their pets or animals. I make no particular distinction between the usual domestic pets like cats and dogs, and any other animal which can realistically be

Sussex Animal Photographer | Fox

As a pet photographer and Sussex animal photographer I love to photograph animals of all kinds. In my professional life this normally means pets and other domestic animals, but I also undertake numerous fine art projects both commercially and for competition and publication.

Dog Photographer West Sussex | Featured at The Pet Anthology

As a dog photographer in West Sussex I’m aware that there are many great resources on the web for discerning pet owners, particularly dog owners. The Pet Anthology is a super stylish Blog set up by Stephanie Hamilton, just for owners and their pets. We’re delighted

Greyhound {Modern Dog Photographer Brighton}

This gentle loving Greyhound is capable of the most incredible turns of speed, despite his advancing years. I felt like a kid again, as he and I ran round and round his owner’s enormous garden at their beautiful country home in West Sussex, not far from Brighton. When my

Dog Photography Hampshire, Ella the Ridgeback Cross

A spot of recreational dog photography is always great fun, particularly when the dog in question is as lovely as Ella. I met this lovely Ridgeback cross a couple of months ago here in West Sussex (though she lives in Hampshire). It was raining as she explored the garden, and I

Modern Dog Photographer West Sussex – A Fox Cub in my Garden

The British summer is great for spotting baby animals of all kinds. I know that I’ll have fox cubs visiting my West Sussex garden and there’ll be ample opportunities to photograph them. Our local foxes are quite used to humans, and the cubs are so curious that

Modern Pet Portraits Surrey, Dog Fox

Any anyone dedicated to producing pet portraits will tell you that there is no need to be short of subjects, and that is very much the case in Sussex or Surrey where I spend a lot of my time. There is always somebody crying out to have their portrait taken, you just have to look

Dog Photographer West Sussex | Red Fox

A fox is a common sight for most of us, whether we live in rural or urban areas, and we have no shortage of them here in West Sussex. Most of the pet and animal photographers that I know have photographed foxes at some point, particularly if they have a habit of wandering into

Dog Photographer West Sussex, Pet Terrier

As a dog photographer I get to meet so many lovely furry subjects, like this little chap from West Sussex. There’s no doubt that Terriers can make the most characterful and entertaining pets, and this gorgeous little fellow was no exception. When not being photographed, he

Fennec Fox, Animal Portraits Brighton

As an animal portrait photographer I meet all sorts of subjects and on a recent trip to East Sussex I encountered this gorgeously cute Fennec Fox. These are apparently the smallest dogs in the world (around 8 inches tall) and they live for up to 12 years in the wild, but much

Dog Photographer Brighton, Tibetan Terrier

As a dog photographer I get to meet a huge variety of special canine companions, which makes my job pretty special at times. This beautiful Tibetan Terrier from Brighton can’t fail to put you in a good mood – she certainly made us smile on the day we captured this

Dog Photography Hampshire, Chocolate Labrador

I photographed this gorgeous chocolate labrador last year at Goodwood and I remember what a character she is, in fact we were lucky to get pictures of her because she thinks that cameras are toys, and if her mum isn’t quick then her own camera would be wrenched from her

Dog Photography Surrey, Border Collie

Dog Photography Surrey As a professional pet and animal photographer I pride myself on being able to relax my furry subjects, whoever they are. You can tell I was taking too long over getting this shot, because my efforts provoked a very big yawn from this cute and lovable

Pet Photography Sussex, French Bulldog

As a Sussex-based pet photographer I get to meet plenty of gorgeous furry friends. I don’t see (let alone photograph) very many French Bulldogs, but they’re certainly photogenic. This little fellow would have happily posed for pictures all day, so it was a real

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