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South of England Show 2017

South of England Show 2017 Rural pursuits are a popular theme in the county I live in and I try never to miss a visit to the South of England Show each year. This is held in the picturesque village of Ardingly in mid-Sussex and it’s a lovely day out. So you’re aware,

Parham Point to Point April 2017

Parham Point to Point April 2017 This event is one of our local institutions. It takes place in the village I live in and it’s something I look forward to each year. The annual Point to Point races are a fantastic opportunity to catch up with friends and neighbours in a

Horse Photographer West Sussex | Noses

I used to own horses and ponies many years ago, but due to a combination of injuries and increasing educational commitments I had to give them up. In fact I haven’t ridden a horse since. Luckily, my work as a pet and animal photographer brings me into contact with

Equine Photographer Surrey, Shetland Pony

I like my horse portraits to be slightly quirky, but more importantly I like to show the character of my subjects. I love photographing horses and ponies, their curves and textures are irresistible, whatever the breed, whatever the age of the animal. This cute shaggy Shetland

Equine Photography East Sussex, Shaggy Shetland Pony

Equine photography is something I always look forward to. Horses of every kind make magnificent photographic subjects, whether they’re hairy ponies like this adorable little Shetland, or fine Arabians. This Shetland was enjoying his retirement on a beautiful farm in East

Equine Photographer Surrey, Fine Art Horse and Pony Photography

As any pet, animal, or equine photographer will tell you, the beauty of the animal world is such that every subject you encounter will be radically different to the next, in size, colour, behaviour, and texture (you just have to look at the beautiful part-bred Arab pictured

Horse Photographer Sussex and Surrey

I have a history as a horse owner and they will always be amongst my favourite subjects. I met this lovely, gentle horse at Ardingly a few weeks ago, though I didn’t get the chance to stick around long enough to see how well things turned out in the show ring. Equine

Shetland Pony {Equine Photographer Surrey}

Shetlands are so characterful and are certainly playful. The ones I’ve met have all had minds of their own which makes them both charming and entertaining as riding ponies for small children, or companions to other horses.

Equine Photographer West Sussex

The animals we encounter are very special, for so many reasons, and this beautiful thoroughbred is no exception. Classic low key portraiture is well-suited to horses (providing we can find or create the right sort of light). And a simple head shot suits everyone from Shetland

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