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Lenses for Pet, Wildlife and Animal Photography West Sussex

As you can see from this website, I do rather a lot of pet and wildlife photography. In fact I photograph animals of all kinds, from traditional domestic pets such as cats and dogs, through to outdoor kept animals from horses to livestock and beyond. Quite often the clients I

Bespoke Pet Portraits West Sussex, Being Watched

I was on an assignment recently and I had the feeling I was being watched … this curious sow was standing in a doorway gazing at me as I worked. I had to grab a shot of her, the light falloff behind her was dramatic, enabling me to capture this classic low key

Goat {Modern Animal Photography Sussex and Surrey}

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, like this very playful young female goat, enjoying life on a beautiful farm in East Sussex, with lots of animal and human friends to keep her company. Some of our clients commission us to create fine Art portraits of their animals, usually

Berkshire Pigs {Animal Photographer West Sussex}

I always count myself lucky to live in the Sussex countryside. Aside from beautiful scenery and wildlife, many of my neighbours keep animals. This week has been quite exciting because my neighbours have just taken delivery of two very special new arrivals. I called round to

English Goat {Pet Photography East Sussex}

Another of our rare, traditional breeds, which has come perilously close to extinction. English Goats are hardy, sturdy, and in my experience very friendly. You can see these wonderful animals at Tilgate Park in Crawley where they manage some very successful rare breed support

British Rare Pigs

The UK is home to many interesting and very special breeds of pig. Did you know that pigs can be trained five times as easily as dogs? They really are intelligent creatures, and they love attention and affection. I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and

Rare Breeds {Fine Art Animal Photographer Surrey}

My photography is generally light and/or vibrant, but these days I’m being asked more and more for low key portraits of pets and animals, as demonstrated by this fine art study of a pet English Goat. I photograph a great variety of animals, for a wonderful variety of

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