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Borde Hill Horse Trials 2017

Borde Hill Horse Trials 2017 If you’re a horse lover, or even if you just enjoy spending a few hours in beautiful countryside with a picnic, then this event will be right up your street. Borde Hill is a relatively short drive from my home in West Sussex and the setting

EM1 Continuous Autofocus Parham Point to Point Races April 2016

EM1 Continuous Autofocus Parham Point to Point Races April 2016 The point to point races at Parham Park in West Sussex are a local institution. Parham Park consists of hundreds of acres of parkland and meadows nestling at the foot of the South Downs in Southern England. Better

Brooklands Motor Museum New Years Day Gathering 2016

Apologies for initially posting this in the wrong section of the website. However I know that some of you are car enthusiasts as well as animal lovers, so if you’d like to hear about my fascinating and enjoyable visit to Brooklands Motor Museum, you can read the post here

Wildlife and Animal Photography East Sussex | Animal Parks

Wildlife and Animal Photography East Sussex | Animal Parks For those of us who photograph animals with any regularity, visits to animal parks and sanctuaries might be commonplace. Two or three times a year I’ll head out to one of our local wildlife centres, mostly to check

Featured in The Journal of the Royal Photographic Society

Featured in The Journal of the Royal Photographic Society My photographs have been widely published over the years and I feel privileged to have been featured in some of the world’s leading photography magazines. The Journal of the Royal Photographic Society is one of the

Wildlife and Nature Photography Guildford Surrey, Busbridge Lakes

Wildlife and Nature Photography Guildford Surrey, Busbridge Lakes Every year I take great pleasure in visiting Busbridge Lakes in Surrey. This is a private home which happens to have the most wonderful gardens and lakes – all of which are abundantly populated with

Sports Photography with Micro Four Thirds, Parham Point to Point 2015

Sports Photography with Micro Four Thirds, Parham Point to Point 2015: Despite having lived in my present location for many years, I’ve never got around to attending the yearly Point to Point at Parham Park. This takes place about a mile outside of the village I live in,

Pet and Wildlife Photography East Sussex, New Arrivals

Once or twice a year I make a point of visiting my favourite animal parks. Not only is this enjoyable and relaxing, but depending on which time of the year you go you’re likely to see some new arrivals. Many animal parks are involved in formal breeding programmes and if

Olympus Teleconverter MC14 Field Review, Bird Photography Sussex

There’s been some real excitement about the new Olympus M Zuiko 40-140 f2.8 Pro lens, and the release of the new x1.4 teleconverter. Today I had the chance to conduct my Olympus Teleconverter MC14 Field Review. I’ve been receiving a number of questions about whether

Cat and Pet Photography Sussex and Surrey | Garden Visitors

Until the developers got their hands on the beautiful greenbelt land at the bottom of my garden, I would get all sorts of animals visiting my property. It wasn’t unusual to wake up to a small herd of deer on my patio, and to see badgers wandering across the lawn on a

Deer in West Sussex, Olympus OMD EM10

Here in West Sussex you’re likely to encounter several species of deer, including Fallow deer, Red deer, Roe deer, Muntjac and occasionally Sika deer. When it comes to parkland it seems that Fallow deer are most favoured – they are certainly beautiful with

Pet Photography Brighton, Outdoor Animal Photos

As some of you will know, my photography (be it people portraits or pet and animal photography) takes place on location. This means that I travel to my clients and photograph them, or their animals, in their own surroundings or places they’re familiar with. I think this is

Surrey Fine Art Pet and Animal Photography | Interview at Mirrorlessons

I’m sometimes asked to be the subject of editorial features and magazine interviews (some of which you can see here: PRESS) and it seems that  animal photography is finally starting to become more popular on this side of the pond. Photographers are finally breaking away

Nature Photographer West Sussex, Waterbirds in Late Summer

Whenever I’m passing the beautiful cathedral town of Arundel in West Sussex I always make a point of stopping. This is primarily because I’m a member of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and this is a place I love to visit. I find the Wetlands Centre unbelievably

Professional Imagemaker Magazine, Interview June 2014

Several years ago when I started to build a full-time business from my photography, I used to wait in anticipation for the heavy thud of Professional Imagemaker magazine landing on the doormat. I used to stare in awe (which I still do) at the amazing photographers featured in

Bird Photography in Surrey | Waterbirds

Portrait photography is what I do mostly, and this can easily be transferred away from human subjects to the animal world.  Generally speaking, the same principles will always apply. When creating a portrait there are several things we would consider, such as how well the

Photographing Animals in Harsh Sunlight

I think most of us know that photographing animals in harsh sunlight may not result in the best photographs – and the same usually applies to photographing any subject in the same conditions (with some exceptions such as architectural photography). But here’s the

Fine Art Pet and Animal Photography West Sussex | Featured in Photo Professional Magazine

fine art pet and animal photography west sussex, surrey and hampshire One of the great things about being a portrait photographer is the sheer breadth and scope for exploration, diversification, and personal development. If you were to question some of the best photographers in

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