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Modern Pet Photography, Surrey – Pine Marten

Photographing weazels is tough at the best of times – Pine martens are members of the weasel family, and have a characteristic creamy yellow throat bib. Found throughout most of central and northern Europe, they are now extinct from most of England and Wales, though they

Natural Pet Photography Surrey – Polecat, Black and White

When it comes to photography the term “monochrome” usually refers to a standard black and white image. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the image is devoid of colour, it just means that there is a single tone present. As such, a black-and-white photograph can

Modern Pet Photography Surrey | Polecat

I love photographing polecats, but they are a challenge, as is the case with any creature belonging to the weazel family. They dart about constantly, so it’s a case of ascertaining the best time of day for these furry little individuals. Just before feeding time

Polecat {Pet Photographer Surrey}

Pet and animal photographers encounter all sorts of furry subjects. I met this charming and very entertaining Polecat in Surrey recently – but photographing Polecats takes a little time and patience because they dart around and are full of energy. Firstly a Polecat belongs

Water Vole {West Sussex Animal Photographer}

How adorable is this little West Sussex water vole?  Thankfully these special creatures are gradually re-populating our waterways due to extensive breeding and re-introduction programmes. Past generations will remember these voles as being almost commonplace along river banks

Small Animal Photography East Sussex, Guinea Pigs

How can anyone resist these adorable Guinea Pigs? I know I couldn’t during my visit to an East Sussex farm. It was a cool morning and they were intent on having a snooze for a couple of hours, which I think made a cute shot. I often work in monochrome but sometimes there

Small Animal Photographer East Sussex

Pets come in all shapes and sizes and whilst I photographed plenty of dogs and horses I am also a small animal photographer. I created this pet image a long time ago near Brighton in East Sussex, and I’m ashamed to say that I have completely forgotten what this small

Small Pet Photography Brighton, Photographing Small Animals on Location

Many pet photographers will generally confine themselves to photograph in cats and dogs, but as a location pet photographer I’m delighted when I’m asked to photograph small pets such as rodents, like this cute Degu who lives near Brighton in East Sussex. Degus make


I don’t just photograph domestic pets, I create portraits of animals of all kinds. If you’ve been to a good sized zoo or animal sanctuary, you will probably have seen these. Capybaras are huge rodents, and I mean huge. This beautiful female was the size of a large

Wildlife Photography Hampshire, Capybara Family Portrait

Wildlife photography is something I try to indulging whenever I have some free time. Running a pet photography business does mean that I find all kinds of animals fascinating and I always try to photograph the creatures I encounter even when I’m off duty. I felt really

Degu {Modern Small Animal Photography Sussex}

Degu {Modern Small Animal Photography Sussex} Degus make delightful and entertaining pets – and we love to photograph pets of all shapes and sizes. Degus are very playful and when reared well they bond quickly with their owners. They can and will chew everything in sight.

Guinea Pig {Small Animal Photographer Sussex and Surrey}

I met some adorable pets and their owners last weekend at Parham Country Fair. Creating memorable images of animals can be challenging at the best of times, but the hectic bustle of a show, with mixed lighting and no control over our shooting environment, can push your skills to

Small Animal Portraits {Modern Pet Photographer Sussex}

Not all of us have the space for large animals such as horses, and not everyone’s home or lifestyle is suitable for dogs or cats. But many of us as children enjoyed owning small pets such as Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Hamsters, Rats and other rodents. And we absolutely loved

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