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Wildlife Photography Surrey British Wildlife Centre

Wildlife Photography Surrey British Wildlife Centre Yesterday I enjoyed a trip to a favourite haunt of mine, the British Wildlife Centre at Lingfield in Surrey. I wasn’t running a workshop this time, I was simply there like any other member of the public. And like

Bird, Nature and Wildlife Photography Chichester

We’re having the most wonderful weather here in southern England. The birds are singing, the pollen is coming out (unfortunately), the skies are blue and everybody seems to be perking up after a long and very grey winter. I headed down the road to the wildfowl and wetlands

Pet and Wildlife Photography West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Pet and Wildlife Photography West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire It’s hard to know whether I should describe this little fox as a pet or a wild animal. She seems to be a bit of both, with a friendly and inquisitive nature and are very trusting personality. She’s a

Olympus M 40 to 150 f2.8 Lens Field Review

Every so often we’ll encounter an optic which makes us gasp. We all have our favourite lenses and that will vary depending on our system and the things we shoot.  Each lens will have its own character and that’s usually demonstrated by its handling of contrast,

British Wildlife Photography – Photographing Small Creatures

After an absence of several months I had the chance yesterday to visit one of my favourite localities, the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey. This is a much loved place, particularly by photographers most of whom will spend many happy hours waiting patiently for the

Improve your Animal Photography with Olympus Proteges

Would you like the opportunity to improve your animal photography with the Olympus proteges competition? Actually, there are four fab categories you can choose from including fashion photography, landscape photography and rock photography. But if you’re reading this page

Wildlife, in the Sun | Wildlife Photographer Surrey

Since I photograph a lot of pet animals as part of my professional portrait photography, I’ll also don the hat of wildlife photographer whenever I get the chance. Animals of all kinds make wonderful photographic subjects and I think even the smallest creatures deserve a

Marwell Zoological Park, Hampshire

Marwell Zoological Park in Hampshire is one of our best known zoos and is home to a huge variety of animals, many of which are critically endangered. The site is large and you can expect to get a fair amount of exercise as you view typical African Savannah creatures, primates,

Wildlife Photographer Kent | Otter

wildlife photographer kent, otter The Otter is a member of the Mustelid family (as are weasels, polecats, and stoats). In the wild otters live in rivers and estuaries. At one stage here in the UK they almost became extinct due to river pollution, hunting and general loss of

Pet and Animal Portraits Surrey | Red Squirrel

Pet and Animal Portraits Surrey I think that anyone who has seen a Red Squirrel will agree they are absolutely gorgeous. They’re quite different to our native Grey Squirrels, aside from the obvious colour difference (Red Squirrels can vary from blonde, to ginger, to

Animal Photographer West Sussex | Red Squirrel

I don’t just create portraits of human beings, I’m also known as an animal photographer and I’m delighted to photograph animals of all shapes and sizes. I don’t undertake any studio work since this is either impractical or impossible for many of my

Fine Art Animal Photographer

As a professional portrait photographer, pet photographer and fine art animal photographer I often meet pets and animals of all kinds. My work broadly falls across three categories; commissioned pet photography, photography of “kept animals”, and wildlife and nature

Wildlife Photography West Sussex, Arundel

Wildlife photography (and nature photography in general) is usually second nature to many pet photographers. I love photographing living things, and many of my personal projects revolve around our own native wildlife (and in this case avian visitors from overseas). Arundel

Woodmice, West Sussex Garden

My garden isn’t anything particularly special, it isn’t huge or expensively landscaped. But one of the main decision factors in purchasing the house was the tranquil rural outlook over fields and woods. As well as peace, and the visual beauty of the landscape, this

Pet and Animal Portraits West Sussex – Autumn, Rutting Season

Photographers of all kinds often eagerly await the arrival of Autumn and even though we’re still in June I’m already thinking about Autumn photography assignments and personal projects. The rich warm colours of foliage combined with fields which are still green can

Red Fox, West Sussex

Foxes are commonplace but without doubt a well fed rural fox will look much healthier than its urban counterpart. We have some beautiful foxes here in West Sussex, and I know that my foxes often help themselves to the birds’ food which supplements their diet. On a sunny

Fine Art Animal Photographer | Fallow Deer Sussex

This beautiful Sussex Fallow deer stag will need little introduction to those of you who frequent the countryside, particularly grand estates or Royal parkland. Fallow deer can be tan, cream, white, or even black in colour. This one exhibits the more usual light brown

Native Deer {Animal Portraits Horsham in West Sussex}

‘Pets’ come in all sizes and shapes, and I’m lucky enough to create portraits of all kinds of creatures. It’s not completely unusual to find deer being kept as pets or as companions to other domestic animals and livestock. In these instances the deer have

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